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What You Should Know About Gasper Guarrasi Business

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Gasper Guarrasi becomes CEO of Frog Environmental, a company helping industrial companies become compliant with pollution regulations.

• Gasper Guarrasi becomes CEO of Storm Water Systems, a company dedicated to cleaning our water from pollution using advanced technology.

• Gasper Guarrasi becomes CEO of GASPERfilms.

• Gasper Guarrasi becomes CEO of PopNDrop.

Gasper Guarrasi has been active in the cleaning of our environment by his involvement with Frog Environmental. Frog Env Inc. is a California based stormwater management company servicing all of California with over 13 years of expertise in Industrial Stormwater Permits. Services include Permit application, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan development, Monitoring Plan development, Runoff Sampling, Training, Annual Reports, Permit termination, and all other aspects of Industrial Stormwater Consulting. Their “hands-on” approach produces compliance with California stormwater Permit regulations and Regional Water Quality Control Boards.

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