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Gasper Guarrasi Long-Term Goals

· Fitness,Business,Entrepreneur,Traveler

Gasper Guarrasi is a Philanthropist and Entrepreneur residing in Long Beach, California. Mr. Guarrasi was also known as a driven competitor, running up to 30 miles a week. He has held a variety of high-level roles in community work. Gasper has a strong background in his field, contributing his professional experience for the good of community.

He is the CEO and founder of multiple companies in Long Beach, California and it's surrounding areas. He served as president of a $100 million company.

Gasper Guarrasi - Long Beach, California

Gasper believes in community service and the importance of giving back. He has served for a variety of different community-based and charitable programs. Gasper Guarrasi has been involved with various charities, hoping he can make a difference in other peoples lives. Gasper Guarrasi created many home fitness programs, that emphasized the need to help people be able to get healthier at home and financial needs.

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