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Gasper Guarrasi Dedication to Community and Public Service

· Community Service,Philanthropist

Gasper Guarrasi is a CEO and philanthropist residing in Long Beach, California. Gasper is a person of many talents and likes to stay busy. He enjoys being involved in a variety of different organizations, bridged together by his professional and dedication to community service.

In addition to his extensive professional, Gasper has dedicated his time and money to multiple community-based and charitable organizations, supporting causes that he is passionate about.

Gasper background in public service began with his service as an game i.e. golf. Throughout his life, he has endeavored to promote health, wellness and to help our world. He has been a major donor to the Charitable programs. In addition to monetary contributions, Gasper has created many fitness programs. He has also served as the president of $100 million company.

He created the first Childrens Yoga mat to assist children in creating a healthy and fun attitude towards life, he also created and contributed products to assist children suffering form autism. Mr. Guarrasi teamed up with Nickelodean to create a children “Fun and Play” mat to give children the enjoyment of fitness but still creating a healthy body.

Mr. Gasper Guarrasi has been active in the cleaning of our environment by his involvement with Frog Environmental. Gasper founded PopNDrop provides all natural health and wellness products that positively change lives of individuals. The mission of PopNDrop was to pioneer a product when taken daily will purify your body from the world’s toxins.

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